Who We Are

The Foundation’s Mission:
The Newport Beach Marine 1/1 Foundation’s mission is to provide charitable assistance and relief for 1/1 Battalion Marines and their family members who are injured, ill, distressed or otherwise in need of financial or other assistance.

The secondary purpose of the Foundation is to provide the same type of assistance to all members of the United States Marines and their families, either active or retired.

The Partnership:
The relationship between the City of Newport Beach and 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Combat Unit began in 2003 when the City “adopted” the Unit to assist in emergency family needs, community programs and Unit social programs.  

The formation of the Newport Beach 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to continue the efforts started by the City of Newport Beach. The Foundation is an independent organization supporting the Unit along with bringing awareness of the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines to the Newport Beach community through social and fundraising events.  

About the 1/1 Marines:
The 1st Battalion, 1st Marines is one of the most decorated and distinguished units in the Marine Corps. It is an integral part of America’s premier force-in-readiness that has historically been first to the fight whenever conflict arises. The unit has played a major role in some of the most important military campaigns throughout our Nation’s history. The motto “Ready to Fight” not only reflects 1/1’s ability to respond to any crisis on short notice, but also its eagerness to support and defend the rights and freedoms of every American “we are here to support you”! 

Donations to the Newport Beach 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Foundation are used primarily to assist family members of the Battalion, especially the families of younger enlisted men, with unexpected expenses while their Marines are away on deployment.

Community Involvement:  
For the residents of this community to express their gratitude and appreciation to those who go forward to defend our Country’s ideals and interests, in such a personal way, goes way beyond making some sort of political statement, and the Marines know it.

These Marines will face many challenges and difficulties as they fight for our freedom. Their individual futures remain uncertain, but one thing they know is that they can count on our continued support. Your thoughts and prayers for their safety and your generous support for their families at home will allow them to fully focus on their assigned combat missions.

Thank you for your continued support.
Semper Fi
Newport Beach 1st Battalion, 1st Marines Foundation